We were travelling back to Dundee from an amazing gig supporting Bill Fredricks ( from the Drifters ) Allan tended to hit the bar at our gigs and aparently had one too many. We stopped the van quite a few times to let him out...but the last time he asked us to pull over was the begining of a nightmare.  Lenny started to pull into the side of the road and Allan thought we had stopped, so he opened the side door and tried to get out..we were still moving so he fell out and we hit him in his leg, not sure if it was a part of the van or the tire. His leg burst open and was bleeding bad, Luckily I had on a white cotton waistcoat so I took it off and wrapped his leg, Allan was almost blind and such an amazing musician, he didnt seem to be too concerned but we got him back in the van and drove to the nearest hospital where they took care of him and gave him quite a few stitches.  A terrible way for such a great night to end but years after when I was with Allan and the guys it always came up in conversation and we laughed so hard about it.  Allan has since passed a few years ago we all miss him. ♫♪♫

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