We went to St Hellier in the 70's for a few weeks and were supporting Billy Ocean. Some of my friends sat with me in my flat for days hand sewing sequins on all the stage outfits I had made for this trip. St Hellier was a little Island and one of the Channel Islands off the coast of UK & France.  The day we arrived it so beautiful to see the beautiful beach and the lovely sand and palm trees. I checked in to the Guest house dropped my bags and went straight to the beach I layed there for hours soaking up the sunshine.....when I got back to the hotel I realized I had stayed way too long on the beach..............yes your girl was burnt from head to toe.  I did end up having to be taken to the hospital, they covered me with ointment and saline sheets for a day.  The first gig was really great we had them all up dancing, Billy Ocean put on a great show but the people didn't dance much. The next day Billy's manager came to us and said can you calm your show down a bit we feel the people were too tired from dancing just before Bill came on ( HAHA RIGHT!!!)  Anyway it was a great time for us there we had a lot of fun.............Billy oceans band were really nice but he was a bit standoffish towards us.....but back to the sunburn...I managed to get my jumpsuits on for stage but i dropped my tamborine and could NOT bend down to pick it up. The guys in the band helped me though and i was off and running hahahhaha  I do seem to remember the place was full of Jewelry stores and I did buy a few Diamond rings there. The top picture shows one of the catsuits I made, They were all Satin I think I made about 6 of them all different colors. Great memories!!

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