Only for You

by Yvonne J

Released 2015
Released 2015
Songs written straight from my heart to you heart ♫♪♫ Smooth delivery
This is an eclectic mixture of songs.
All songs Arranged and Produced by Emilsam Velazquez The Musik Spot 2015
All Vocals recorded at Musicland, Texas.
Track #8 was written by William Roman.
Track#7 was written by Roger Nichols & Paul Williams ( permission licensed by Harry Fox Agency )
All other tracks were Composed by Emilsam Velazquez
All Lyrics were written by Yvonne J (except Track 7 & Track 8)

Special thanks to the musicians
Track 1 Victor Payano ~ Flute
Track 2 William Roman ~ Guitars. Jose Torres ~ Bass. Bickley Rivera ~ Steel Pan Timbales & Percussion ~ Dimas Sanchez
Track 3 David Clay ~ Flute/Guitars
Track 4 Warren R. Cantero ~ Guitars. Jochy Rodriguez ~ Trumpet. Victor Payano ~ Sax
Track 5 Emilsam Velazquez.
Track 6 Music/Lyrics Yvonne J. Arrangement ~ Emilsam Velazquez
Track 7 Arrangement ~ Emilsam Velazquez. Back Gound Vocals ~ Noel Rodriguez. Edwin Ayala. Emilsam Velazquez.
Track 8 Written by William Roman ~ Guitars. Jose Torres ~ Bass
Track 9 Victor Payano ~ Sax.
Track 10 Frank Steffen Mueller ~ Guitars.
Track 11 Guitars ~ Warren Canterro. Arrangement ~ Emilsam Velazquez
Track 12 Music/Lyrics Yvonne J. Arrangement ~ Emilsam Velazquez
Track 13 Arturo Ortiz ~ Vibes. Amaury Lopez Jackson ~ Harmonica.

This was an amazing journey through many genres with some amazing musicians, much Love and Respect to all.

My Producer for this project is Emilsam Velazquez such a wonderfully talented Composer/Musician/Sound Engineer with a lifetime of experience and a full and rich resume in the music industry. I am so Blessed to have collaborated with this Maestro, it has been a long journey and also such a wonderful experience for me to have had this opportunity to gain from his wisdom and experience. He Composed/Played/Mixed/Mastered/Engineered this Project of which I am so proud.

From Emilsam Vealquez ~ Yvonne, The maturity of your voice and new techniques are present more than ever now. You are showing the world that Yvonne J is here to stay! It was such a pleasure Producing this project for you. You worked so hard on this project. Your lyrical work is admirable. You are a true talent young lady.