Highway to Love

by Yvonne J & Joseph Tito Rodriguez

Released 2019
Yvonne J
Released 2019
Yvonne J
Highway To Love is a journey through Love and Life ♫♪♫
Music ~ Joseph Tito Rodriguez Lyrics ~ Yvonne J
This CD was done with a lot of love and care for all of you straight from the heart.
especially for the mixposure family that gave so much love and music.
Yvonne J is a very talented Lady, who composed so many beautiful lyrics
and songs like "Highway To Love" a song that the title says it all.
go in the car with your love for a path without direction until you get to hear
"Its a party" where the one who listens to this song will be happy and having fun.
"I cried" a melody where Yvonne J put all the feeling and love that characterizes her.
"Baby, baby" when the first chords begin and one waits for the electric guitar of Joseph (Tito) Rodriguez
in harmony with the wonderful voice of Yvonne. you remember the 70s where afro and bell bottoms were in fashion,
"I Love You" is a theme to dance and remember those times. "Another Heart To Break"
is a type of ska where the lyrics speak of a woman who can not tolerate any more deception and continues
with new horizons. "Every time I'm Near You" is where Yvonne J sings and Joseph (Tito) Rodriguez
answers him on the guitar, a give and take duel. "Movin On" is a beat to move your body to the rhythm of the song
and having fun. If you feel sexy "Run To Her" is a provocative rhythm with jazz type chords
and also with the magic guitar solo of Joseph (Tito) Rodriguez. And to end the party could not miss
the Latin rhythm that characterizes Joseph (Tito) Rodriguez and Yvonne J sultry vocal style.
enjoy the CD and you can download it on and digital stores on the internet. Thank you.