Working with Harry Rabinowitz

Back in the day I was lucky enough to get chosen to feature on a Pilot Show for STV ( Scottish Television ) I was flown down to London to meet the Director Brian Izzard and Musical Director/ Harry Rabinowitz and the Cast.  There were 6 Singers that were to be featured and the dance team was Hot Gossip. At the rehearsal studio we were all handed sheet music...........I immediately went into panic mode! I couldn't site read....I knew the songs I was to be performing but I remember walking around frantic wondering what I was going to do............I even remember walking into a big pillar in the studio and saying sorry hahaha.....I approached the Musical Director who's name was Harry Rabinowitz and I explained my situation, he asked me if I knew the songs I was to sing for the recording session I said yes, he replied then we shall see how well!! 

Later that afternoon when it was my turn to step up to the mic in front of the 40 piece Orchestra and Harry Rab. I took a deep breath and began to record my my surprise Harry turned around after about 8 bars and gave me a wonderful thumbs up and a big smile!!!! ( which I was told later that day by some of the orchestra musicians he never usually did and that I should be honored ) it worked out wonderfully, the Pilot was a success and I was engaged to do a series of 7 shows for STV.  Years later I read an article about Harry Rab that blew me away, he has so many amazing projects in his career to his credit, Chariots of Fire, The English Patient. Conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra. I am so happy to have worked under his direction and I will never forget it and how happy I felt that it worked out for me. ♫♪♫



Harry must have been an incredible person.. with major musical talents.. This is a wonderful story it. 8 bars thumbs up...and big smiles.. priceless !! Awesome times and memories..Great share sweet soul...Thanks :)

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