I actually turned "GREEN"

One time while on tour in the UK I planned on wearing a green sparkly waistcoat and pants onstage, it was back in the day in the 70's when I wore my hair in an afro, there was new product on the market which you sprayed on your hair and it was green and had sparkles in it, very effective onstage.

So I got it and sprayed it on I loved it!!! The can said that you could leave it on for a few days, so after the gig I went to bed and when I woke in the morning and looked in the mirror my skin was GREEN !! my entire face and shoulders hahahhaha I had rolled all over my pillow through the night, I tried to wash it off and nothing happened................I sent the guys in the band to a pharmacy to ask what I could use to remove it, they came back with a bunch of things but nothing worked..I was frantic by this time and in tears.  We called the club and asked them to take out all the white and yellow lights off the stage and leave only Blue and Red lights..... I packed on some face makeup and did my gig, we all had a great laugh about it and the guys renamed me the jolly green midget hahahhahaha....♫♪♫ now it's a precious memory that still makes me smile to this day!

Yvonne J

The infamous Green outfit hahahhaThe infamous Green outfit hahahha


That must have been hilarious. I wonder if I was there that night.

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