Many years ago while on the road we were at The Darlington Hotel in Ayr for a Friday & Saturday night gig. It was a big venue and we loved it there except for the fact there was such a long hall to get from the back door to the stage for load in......we had a Hammond and a big Leslie cabinet so that was always a hump for the guys.  The Hotel always gave us comp rooms but they weren't always the best rooms the hotel had to offer but when your on the road FREE is always a plus. 

After the show on Friday around 3 in the morning I went to my room which was being used as a partial storage room for Vacum Cleaners and Floor Buffers in a corner of the room.  At about 5 in the morning I woke to hear someone putting a key into my room door............I froze.....( back then we had no cell phones ) and there was no telephone in my room ( I was living in the UK then with NO GUN hahaha ) anyway, I tried to lay as still and as flat as I could in my bed and thankfully he didn't put the light on. From the light in the hallway I saw a guy heading straight to the Vacum Cleaners and Buffers he took them out one by one. I waited about 30 minutes still in shock and afraid, I didn't know if he was alone or had help moving all these items. I ran out to the hallway and began banging on the guys in the bands rooms.  We went up to the reception desk and told them what had just happened..they called the Police.  That was a scarey night for me, my room didn't even have windows in it. We laughed about it the next day....but at the time it was certainly not funny for me. ♫♪♫ and now just another memory of being on the road with the Band ♫♪♫


Love finding your music stories, please give us more.

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