Emilsam Antonio Velazquez, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Maria Emilia Santiago and Samuel Velazquez on February 6, 1952. ( That's were his name was created, Emil from Emilia and Sam from Samuel. ) In 1957 Emilsam started showing inclinations as a musician at the age of 5 playing organ, piano and guitar by ear. At the age of 8 won several awards playing the organ in a then very prestigious radio program in Puerto Rico named Tribuna Del Arte (Arts Tribune) with Quinonez Vidal. In 1969 went to serve in the Army for two years. When returned from service as a Vietnam Vet, incorporated himself back into the music. Played in several rock bands and then in 1976 make the transition to play piano in Latin orchestras. In 1976 co-founded Orquesta Mulenze with Edwin Morales. Then started traveling with artists like, Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, Santitos Colon, Vitin Aviles, Ismael Miranda, Chivirico Davila, and Yayo el Indio to name just a few. In 1979 moved to New York to study Recording Engineering and started working on the then famous Latin Sound Recording Studios in Manhattan. Some of the Studios he has worked free lance are Electric Lady, Hit Factory, R.C.A. and Power Station, all of then in N.Y.C.
Years of experience started to pile up and the list of happy clients was growing. Artists like Willie Colon, Ruben Blades, Juan Luis Guerra, Jack Bruce, Vangelis Papatanasious, Charlie Palmieri, Larry Harlow, La India, Tito Puente and countless others started to call wanting to record and mix with Sammy. It happens that because of his musical background and perfect pitch ear for music Emilsam was contracted several times to couch vocals for artists like Tito Nieves (Sonambulo), Jose Alberto el Canario and Juan Luis Guerra. With Juan Luis Guerra he won his first Grammy in the album Bachata Rosa. Then few other Grammy nominations also came his way with several artists. For a brief period was teaching recording arts at Allegro Music College in San Juan P.R.
Emilsam has traveled extensively recording projects around the world and finally has settled down in Orlando, Florida where he still doing some freelance for different artists, companies and studios Composer, arranger, produce, engineer and a good friend, that is Emilsam.

Emilsam is Producing Yvonne J on a few new CD Projects at the moment. This promises to be a great collaboration between them with some amazing original songs.